Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Just Reagan

Choosing just a smattering of photos of your daughter from the last 9 months of her life is hard. Blogging is a much easier job if you keep up with it, I get it. Nevertheless, this is where we're at and we have to make the best of it. So below is a picture puke of how our little sweetie has been growing and changing, and some of the fun things we've been able to do. Hopefully you can see from them that she's a funny, happy, smart little thing, and we love her to pieces!!

Also, just a quick update on some details about her these days. Reagan's weighing in at somewhere around 22-23 lbs and is about 33 in tall. She's still in size 3 diapers, which is the same size her 5 month old  cousin is wearing. She's dainty, petite, thin, whatever you want to call it, and we love it! She talks a ton, especially in the last 2 weeks. She's starting to say meaningful phrases now, like when she dropped her penny down the gutter drain and said, "money gone". And my favorite thing she says is "Ah oh, happened?", any time anything happens. She's a parrot and it's absolutely adorable. We better be extra careful what we say and watch on TV these days. She can and will climb anything, whether we thought it was climbable or not, and can figure things out like how to get the bottom off the piggy bank to get her "monies" out. Unfortunately, she's still completely attached to her binky, her blankie, and her bottle (for morning and night milk only). These are habits we're hoping to break by age 2, minus the blankie. I think everyone can use a good blankie.

Enjoy 9 condensed months of Reagan's life! (A few of the pictures are out of order, but who cares, right?)



  1. She's grown up so much since we last saw her! What a cute little thing!!